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Small Business Accounting

Trusted Small Business Services in Southaven and Senatobia

accounting team working together in officeAt F.O. Givens and Company, we recognize how hard you work to make your business successful, and we strive to provide you with a solid financial foundation your business can rely on. At F.O. Givens and Company, we offer experienced business services that allow you to become a force in your industry.

Balancing your accounting tasks with all your other business needs can be overwhelming. Our CPAs are here to take the heavy load off your shoulders. We are passionate about supporting businesses in Senatobia, Southaven, Hernando, and all the surrounding locations. From accounting to tax planning, risk advisory to financial reviews, you can count on us to deliver winning strategies tailored to your unique business.

Our flexible team is happy to meet you in our Senatobia office, our Southaven office, your business office, or virtually. Call us today and schedule your consultation.

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High-Quality Affordable Business Services

Our dedicated accountants are excellent listeners and problem solvers, determined to provide you with customized business solutions. We work with you to understand your business inside-out and give you honest recommendations.

Our service offerings start with payment plan options that best fit your needs and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the work is handled with quality and affordability. Our exceptional services include:

Precise Accounting For Your Prosperous Business

Your company's financial health depends on having reliable accounting processes in place. Our professionals can help organize records and set procedures that support your efforts to grow your bottom line and reduce your tax obligation. Accurate records will give you the ability to access information promptly and make sound business decisions. Our full-service accounting includes:

Bookkeeping & Recording - Bookkeeping draws a clear picture of your financial outlook and helps you understand the cost coming out of your business and revenue flowing into it. Our CPAs produce your records according to professional standards and prepare you for anything, including an audit.

Financial Statements - We generate comprehensive, precise financial statements that help you see the financial direction of your company at a glance. Financial statements serve as an indicator of your business's financial health; not only do they document expenses and cash flow, but they also lead the way to tax benefits.

Payroll Services & Tax Withholding - We offer efficient payroll solutions customized to meet your business needs. Our tax experts will calculate the payroll tax amounts that need to be withheld from your employees, and make sure your employees receive timely payments.

Tax Planning - Proactive planning is the surest way to save money and simplify taxes. Choosing the right time to make large purchases, knowing which assets can be claimed and how, and being prepared to respond to unexpected circumstances are necessary to help you save.

Our team will start with organizing and optimizing your bookkeeping and reporting, then evaluate your liabilities, compare them to last year's, and find chances for you to save. We can also review your plans and see whether specific strategies need revisiting.

Accounting for Local Government & Municipalities

business people shaking handsAt F.O. Givens and Company, we have a wealth of experience working with city councils, school districts, municipalities, and other governing bodies. We understand local government finances inside and out, and can deliver reliable and timely financial data.

Our skilled CPAs will help you present your yearly financial audit report on time and with high accuracy. It can then be published for public access. If your organization is looking for efficient ways to get its audit reports ready, reach out to F.O. Givens and Company to know more about how we can help you.

Reviews, Audits, & Compilations

As certified state auditors in Mississippi, we serve small businesses across various industries in the private sector, as well as government entities, municipalities, school districts, and nonprofit organizations. Our team provides a varied selection of audit, review, and compilation services. We provide financial statement compliance audits, internal control reviews, attestation reports for financing activities, and more!

Audits - Our experienced CPAs can help your business with annual business audits and required reporting, including audits for financial statements, licensing, and royalty audits, as well as compliance audits.

Reviews - We regularly conduct organization and operation reviews. We also advise on internal controls and procedural enhancements to improve your business processes, making your firm more efficient and profitable.

Compilation & Assurance - Our team provides attestation statements and reports for compilation services, reviews, and company procedures. We also help with financing activities and capital market transactions, such as debt offerings, equity offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity financing.

Dependable Risk Management and Consulting Services

Businessman is using tablet pcAt F.O. Givens and Company, we know that for companies to survive and thrive, they have to assess risks and be prepared. Risk management assesses the risks involved with your firm's business practices. The main goal is to minimize risks and help you achieve your strategic goals, regardless of how extensive the list of risks can be!

Companies will generally encounter many different types of threats throughout their operations. Common examples include equipment breakdown, employee or service liability, and losses on investments.

While we see that some risks are acceptable, our expert team carefully weighs tradeoffs and opportunity costs when deciding what types of risk should be eliminated. Below are the main categories of risk we usually consider:

Financial Risk: Some business practices may result in financial instability, such as misallocations of resources and bad investments. We will help you identify and replace these processes.

Human Risk: This involves the possibility of human error and judgment. It also deals with the effects the company will incur when losing a key employee. We help you set internal controls to help you avoid losses due to inefficiencies or fraud.

Environmental Risk: This includes external factors outside the company's control, such as pandemics, power outages, or natural disasters. We can help you control potential damages by building emergency disaster plans and ensuring you have the right insurances in place to help your business weather hard times.

Physical Risk: Includes the loss of any physical resources such as the loss of land, buildings, investment, or equipment.

Helping You Plan a Successful Future for Your Business

Successful businesses often rely on the foundation of sound planning, efficient processes, and accurate financial systems. At F.O. Givens and Company, our mission is to empower your business with all the needed tools to make your venture profitable.

We are excited to share our knowledge and experience to benefit your organization. Our team is ready to help you create a plan tailored to your business that delivers noticeable results. We proudly serve businesses in Senatobia, Southaven, Hernando, and all surrounding Northwest Mississippi communities. Contact us today and schedule your free initial consultation!

Call Us: 662-562-6721 Get Your Consultation

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