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IRS Audit Representation

Trustworthy IRS Audit Representation in Southaven

Southaven IRS audit representationAt F.O. Givens and Company, we strive to provide affordable and timely tax solutions to individuals, local entrepreneurs, and business owners. We understand how stressful it can be to face an unexpected IRS audit and are prepared to guide you through the entire process. Our team is prompt, proactive, and accessible. If you have a question or are seeking advice, we're a simple phone call away and are happy to assist you.

Our overarching mission is to return value on your investment by providing tailored services that propel you towards your financial goals. Since 2009, our experienced professionals have worked closely with the individuals and businesses of Southaven, Senatobia, and the surrounding areas. We take the time to understand your unique needs and provide you with simple, stress-free audit representation. If the IRS has contacted you, don't hesitate to contact F.O. Givens and Company today to schedule your free consultation!

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What Are the 3 Types of IRS Audits?

Having your tax returns selected for an IRS audit does not automatically mean there's an error in your records. In some cases, you may be chosen for a random audit. Although you or your company may be in the clear, it can be time-consuming and challenging to gather the financial records needed to complete the process. Our team makes sure your accounts are in order and resolves the situation as quickly as possible. Our accountants have the expertise to provide audit representation for:

  1. Field Audits: If you've been selected for a field audit, the IRS has detected significant errors in your return. Your case will be passed on to an IRS Revenue Agent (RA), who facilitates on-site visits to your place of business or home. The RA checks all items of value and sources of income to discover the cause of the discrepancies in your return. We'll provide counsel, representation, and strategies to minimize your liabilities and protect your financial well-being.
  2. In-Office Audits: During an in-office audit, you must meet with a RA or Tax Compliance Officer (TCO) face-to-face to explain discrepancies in your return. An in-office meeting can be stressful. We're prepared to assist you with documentation, in-person representation, and resolution.
  3. By-Mail Audits: The IRS may request proof of one or more deductions taken on your tax return. Typically, these requests verify significant personal or business transactions, from buying new company equipment to paying off mortgage interest. If you lack written documentation of a requested transaction, contact our team immediately so we can begin assessing your options.

How Our CPAs Can Help

Southaven CPA Tax Resolution assistanceOur accountants at F.O. Givens and Company deal with the IRS directly on your behalf. We're always looking to get you the best possible outcome, regardless of your unique situation. Our accountants invest their considerable experience and resources into developing a tailored strategy to defend your position. We'll prepare and organize any documents requested by the IRS, handle correspondence with the collection agency, and attend meetings on your behalf.

You can trust our team to save you money by ensuring you don't pay more than you owe. If you committed a simple mistake on your return, it might be possible to reduce or eliminate the proposed debt. Should it prove beneficial, we can carefully calculate an Offer in Compromise (OIC) that, if accepted, allows you to pay back your debts in installments. Preserving your short- and long-term financial stability is our main priority, and we work diligently to protect your interests.

Can an Audit Benefit My Business?

Despite what you may expect, an IRS audit could benefit your business in the long run. As our team assesses your situation, we're able to develop a complete understanding of your internal controls, areas of risk, and accounting methods. By analyzing the issue you're facing, we can provide strategies and suggestions to strengthen your operations moving forward.

We gain valuable insights into potential issues with your accounts during our Southaven IRS audit representation, from unprocessed checks to possible fraud. By thoroughly addressing these problems and implementing a system to catch such errors moving forward, your company's financial risk goes down significantly.

Reliable Southaven IRS Audit Representation

Receiving a formal notification from the IRS can be an intimidating and frightening experience. Our experienced accountants at F.O. Givens and Company are here to provide the prompt support and representation you need to get the best possible outcome, regardless of your scenario. Give our tax experts a call today to discover how we can help you through the auditing process!

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